Being one of those whose passion is writing, Napoleon or "Nap" as what he is also called, is a different breed. He cuts into the joy of writing where his poetry makes up for what it lacks in prose and vice versa. One day he telegraphs his shots for words, the next day he writes like a madman but, more often than not, his writing possessed such a kind of simplicity and depth at the same time for as much as what it can convey.

His curiosity leads him to discover new things and because he believes that, as a writer, writers are like scientists or inventors by which they must seek to find out something or invent it. He looks at life as a beautiful journey and writing, the path chosen. But perhaps the closest thing that would best describe him could be found in the lines of his poem "The Rhymester" which said:

"I am the lovely hands that rock
The cradle of sweet lullabies;
And through the verses I've had weaved
Must wipe the tears from someone's eyes


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