This blog contains the original scribblings of Napoleon Nalcot on various topics ranging from poetry, health, food, beauty of nature, entertainment, socio-cultural events, the everyday life, love, hope, joy, the look of things, to sensitive matters in the fields of politics, religious belief, relationships, the supernatural, as well as in sports, history, the trivial, and many more. What started to be just a simple online journal, as what was the original plan, expressing the author’s personal thoughts and emotions, has evolved to become a blog that covers in as many a field of discussions.

 All posts (whether poetry or prose unless otherwise stated like in the case of guest posts by guest bloggers) are originally written by the author himself, Napoleon Nalcot. As for the pictures and videos accompanying each post, (unless otherwise stated) most of them were taken from Google and Youtube. This blog bears the title of “My Journey” which has been its original title from the very beginning.

This blog “shares”, as its main purpose, for whatever it can to enlighten, inform, inspire, and bring joy and hope. There are still a lot to discuss about where this blog calls for every eager reader (like you) to participate and, while the sharing gets thicker and well absorbed, to hopefully find you or anyone else living the purpose by doing what this blog encourages about and for.

Everyone is free to comment, share his or her own thoughts relevant to the topics discussed, air out disagreement or disapproval, or even correct grammatical errors, if any. Compliments are always welcome. True and honest compliments make the discussion sweetest; a fake one, though, is endurable.


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