World War III is a battle to preserve humanity from those who would like to completely destroy it

If it's the game of chess, nations are now key-positioning their pieces for a duel. No matter how well the game may be played and won, in the end it's a loss to humanity. A nuclear war would make our planet inhabitable for at least a thousand years.

I had just finished reading a news article about the latest conflict in Gaza between Israeli soldiers and Hamas militants when I decided to write this post. It seems like every corner of the world today are in a state of chaos, not to mention the brewing conflicts or disputes in other parts of the globe that are feared to become major military flash points. The world, as things went, is on the brink of a great disaster.

The Syrian civil war, which already took more than 150, 000 lives, is now on its fourth year.  Northern Iraq has been laid hostage to an extremist group called the ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). Then there’s this plane crash of a Malaysian jet liner carrying almost 300 passengers thought to have been shot down from the ground with a Soviet-made missile held by pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine’s eastern front.

China has become more assertive than ever in bullying and occupying territories of neighboring countries. North Korea is always a threat to the free world. The US is wary of Iran which it feared may be possessing weapons of mass destruction. Libya is showing signs of instability and might blow up anytime soon if security concerns there are not properly addressed.

Japan, India, and the rest of the South East Asian countries are building up and strengthening their military in preparation for a possible armed confrontation with China. Australia has considered about bolstering its submarine warfare capability to deter China’s growing navy. The only thing needed now is who would fire the first shot.

World War III is just around the corner. But as a human being, you have in your own hands the power to either prevent it from happening or to allow it. You must remember that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, as what Edmund Burke puts it, is for good men to do nothing.


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