Longevity is a choice and a decision

A vegan diet is the best diet. God instructed the first human beings in the persons of Adam and Eve to go vegan (Read Genesis 1: 29). Meat as food was only introduced after the Great Deluge in the time of Noah when all the green things were destroyed in the face of the Earth. Noah and his family had to wait until the plants start growing again so they could have them to consume as foods.

Diet matters
There’s a big difference in the life span of people living before the Global Flood and after that. Before the destruction of the whole world with water, people lived longer lives than the ones who came to live after. The difference is in the diet. Methuselah, the oldest human being to have lived at 969 years old (Read Genesis 5: 27), was eating the vegan diet in his entire life.

Moses, who was born in the post deluge era where meat has become an accepted food, died at 120 years old--a far cry from what was Methuselah’s almost a millennium.

But what about the vegans of today, would they also live for centuries because of their diet? I’m sure most of you, if not all, would disagree.   

Longevity to consist many factors
Longevity is caused by a lot of factors and diet is just one of them. The human DNA may also play a very significant role. The human being may have been designed to have perfect DNA infused in the systems of Adam and Eve. Inbreeding may have caused for the genes to mutate and to represent less of what was the original with each generation. And as the human DNA becomes defective, it turns against itself. So that’s why there’s aging, degeneration, and decay in human beings as well as in other living organisms.

The climate may have also been a factor. Before the Flood, the Earth experienced no rain. But water comes out of the earth to water the plants. It was only during the actual flood that the Earth experienced rain for the first time. The atmosphere during that time may have been protecting the people from harmful cosmic radiation that can cause genetic mutations and abnormalities.

In Daniel 1:12, the choice of diet also brought best results. Instead of taking a portion of the king’s food to eat and wine to drink, Daniel has chosen the vegan diet. Daniel pleaded the head of the eunuch to only give him and his companion pulses to eat and water to drink in ten days period as an experiment.

Vegan diet, moderation in everything, clean environment, healthy lifestyle, and living in righteousness--these and more--are the key to longevity. You may not live like Methuselah, but you would surely prolong your life a little more at that.


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