Why is China making waves in the East and South China Seas?

Regarded as the world’s second largest economy and with a growing military might, China is on a clear display of arrogance and conceitedness against her neighboring countries. She’s the one provoking tensions and her bullying tactics not only multiplied her enemies but also unite them all against her.

But why is China doing this? Is she out of her mind? Why is she grabbing territories based on a bogus claim? The so-called 9-dash-line claim of China is actually a work of fiction. What do China really wants? 

China wants the world to recognize her as a super power state. She wants to feel how it’s like to belong in the top powerful nations of the world. She also wants to create fear among the smaller, weaker neighboring countries.

The problem with China is that she won’t officially declare a war. We’re at war with her already. Her illegal occupation of our remote islands should be considered an invasion, or what else do we like to call it?

Chinese leaders think that the world would tolerate or allow her to do what she likes. She thinks the world needs her more than she needs the international community of nations. It wouldn’t come as a surprise though--that way of thinking.

China is, unfortunately, governed by closed-minded leaders. And what can you expect out of these leaders? Plain stupidity is the main thing for them. I would like to make it clear that we’re not against the Chinese people here in general. But some of her leaders blemished it big time for whatever good reputations she had been keeping.

It’s just a cover up for what is actually an act of greed. China wants to acquire more to sustain her growing domestic needs. If she can’t feed her people anymore, she will implode. Her house of cards would be revealed then.

CONCLUSION: No matter how much China is willing to spend to upgrade its military she will never ever surpass or even equal that of the U.S. Her peaceful rise as a nation depends much on her attitude. She must learn to respect if she wants to be respected; respect begets respect. Or she can do what she wants and take full responsibility for the consequences of her actions. 


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