The resurgence of Miguel Cotto: There will be blood

Photo credit: Chris Farina/Top Rank.
By the time former Pacquiao foe Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto climbs up the ring to face middleweight champion Sergio Martinez on June 7th, expect some fireworks to explode in a gut-wrenching war waged by these two modern-era gladiators of what will be their own version of brutal pugilism. There will be blood, yes more blood.

The champion in Martinez will be tested with fire the intensity of which never been introduced before in the battlefield he had dominated. Cotto will come out like a cowboy, all guns blazing, rampaging towards every space the champion occupies.

But there’s more to it. Once the cowboy hits the mark, he shifts shapes and forms almost immediately like what they were doing in the Transformers movies. The cowboy will now become the bull and that would be too much for Martinez to handle or play the Matador with.

Martinez will be caught (but not off-guard) with every vicious blow Cotto can throw. He will kiss the canvas not once, or twice, but three times till he call it quits. Cotto will be pronounced the new champion and names for possible opponents will be discussed.

A future fight with Golovkin will be hot and highly regarded. The middleweight division, once a deep well of talents until just recently was draining out, will slowly recover thanks to trainer Freddie Roach for the job well done. He has reinvented the Puerto Rican and added some lethal weapons into his arsenal.

Cotto will be dominating the middleweight division for a couple more years until he decides to hang up the gloves. Golovkin may be a threat, but he will suffer the same fate as Martinez if he trades leather with him.

A rematch with Pacquiao or Mayweather will be considered great fights. But it’s unlikely in a sense that the weight difference may be a big factor to keep it from happening. Cotto will be at his best in the middleweight, while Pacquiao and Mayweather should fight a battle for supremacy in the welterweight division, if it ever happens.


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