I was dreaming about Jesus and his angels walking down the stairway

Dreaming about Jesus and his angels

Early in the morning, with just a few minutes left before waking up, I dreamed about Jesus Christ surrounded by angels walking down the concrete stairway. He looked a lot like one of those pictures I often see depicted by artists about him except that, in my dream, he has had a reddish brown hair and beard than the blonde and dark colored hair ones version we often saw in movies. I also noticed he was wearing a white-crimson combination priest vest but I can’t quite remember if he was wearing anything for his feet or if he was walking barefoot.

The location looked like somewhere in the middle of the desert and I can’t tell exactly if it was during twilight or some few seconds before sunrise. Everything in that particular moment looked a bit ruddy. From the color of the clouds, the concrete walls and stairway, the background and more were all crimson-themed, although a little lighter.

They looked as if they were in a hurry and by the time they reached the ground level the one angel who was walking ahead of Jesus threw a wild gaze as if to scan the surroundings before turning his head upward to the sky. The angels accompanying Jesus as he walked down the stairway, to my best estimate, could number from 15 to 20.

The angel who walked ahead of Jesus had the same light brown hair and beard like the rest of them. He had a deep-seated, piercing eyes compared to the compassionate-looking eyes of Jesus. I thought he was the archangel Michael, but then I wasn’t really sure. He could also be the archangel Gabriel or any higher ranking angel.

Back to the real world

Just when I’m eagerly anticipating for what will happen next that I woke up from my sleep. How I wished it could have gotten extended for even just a few minutes or so so I can follow the dream. I had a great feeling that Jesus and his angels would be flying (or teleporting) next to some distant lands and that the walls and the stairway in the middle of the desert only served as the portal from which they were able to enter from the other dimension.

It was not the first time that I dreamed about Jesus. These dreams I have had, if I’m not mistaken, about him are getting closer to a dozen times already. The last time I saw him in my sleep, he was smiling at me. And yet there was also a time when he even talked to me in one of those dreams.

The significance of that dream

So what’s this all about? I would like to think that dreams usually don’t mean much of anything. And that these are just the result, as most of us would come to agree, of the rapid eye movement stage of a person’s deep sleep. But then, I know, it could mean something very special to me as well, though just a dream.

For God, as stated in the book of Job chapter 33, verses 14 in the Holy Bible, speaks not only once, but more than once, even though men do not regard it. One may hear God’s voice in a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men while slumbering upon the bed, then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction.  


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