How to keep 6 of the misconceptions about life from happening

Life is not about perfection. That’s a given, as nobody’s perfect anyway. Everyone else commits mistakes. It is through these mistakes that we learn something from, for whatever lesson it must be.

But if getting wrong is something unavoidable, at least don't try to use life’s imperfection as an excuse to justify about such a mistake you have intentionally had devised to do so.

I’m very careful about giving advices to people especially with a topic that I know may, in one way or another, lead them to be in such a position by which they have to only choose between giving a nod and disapproval for a particular topic.

There is more to life than what you can just answer with a true or false from. But, then, this is my life and I am entitled to my own opinion just like everyone else to be also entitled of the same. So nothing could prevent me from doing what I am going to do with it. After all, life is all about making it all yours.

Life is more than just what measures it

When I was in my early 20s, I came across a book titled “How to achieve success” by Anant Pai. The book is all about motivating someone to be successful in life or in a particularly chosen field. It was filled with all the positive things the author could gather to lift a person’s spirit up.

I read it from cover to cover and all over again. I learned many good things from that book. But then one day, as if I woke up from such a deep sleep, I started to question about the validity of the message the book was trying to convey.  Like in this phrase, for example, “if others can, why can’t I?”

I began to reason out that life is more than just what measures it. The phrase “if others can, why can’t I” is both a lie and a truth at the same time. It is true because it will encourage you to become your best potential in achieving something but, on the other hand, it is also a lie in a sense that each one of us is gifted with unique skills and talents.

You could not become Michael Jordan, no matter how hard you try, if you’re not gifted to be like him. But you could still become the best version of what it is you’re very good at doing. You only need to discover your talent and develop it the best way you can. No need to compare yourself to others who excel in their chosen fields. But, rather, you can reflect on their lives and make them your inspirations as you nurture your own gift.

So what’s the point in saying all these? I’m wondering if I’m making sense at all telling these things, but then it makes more sense to me to think about not really minding  at all if I actually did or not. So here’s how to keep the 6 of the misconceptions about life from happening:

Misconception number 1: Life has to be fair

Your best take: Many people waste much of their time thinking that life has to be fair. The truth is it is not, or not always. You have to accept the fact that life is not always about doing you a favor all of the time.

Misconception number 2: Happiness is all about what you have achieved in life

Your best take: Many people think that material things and personal achievements could bring them happiness. But happiness is not about something you could link up with material things and events. You could never find satisfaction in everything material and the more that you desire for these things, the more that your dissatisfaction grows. Lead to live a balanced life, instead, and you'll get more than what happiness could bring and offer.

Misconception number 3: Life offers no reward in the end

Your best take: Some people consider life as the unrestricted celebration of the here and now. They don’t care about what will tomorrow bring or if it ever comes; their only concern is to do everything for what they can suck out of the moment, pleasures and all. The truth is life is like a computer. What you put in, is what will get out. What you sow is what you will reap. Do what it takes to be good and what is right. You will surely be rewarded for that.

Misconception number 4: Life is meaningless

Your best take: If life doesn’t mean anything at all to you, then you’re no better than the lower form of animals which only had an instinct to rely with. Only a human being can think rationally and along with it is the meaning of life he has to define. If you can’t quite find the meaning of life yet, be the meaning yourself.

Misconception number 5: Life is about waiting for something or someone to come in the right time

Your best take: It always has to start from you. In finding your soul mate, for example, you don’t only have to go and find that person but you should as well be the right person to come to his or her life. It’s most likely you would be able to find your soul mate in that way instead of waiting. Be the first to take actions, don't just wait.

Misconception number 6: Life is to expect something more from others

Your best take: You find it frustrating to find out that the people you were expecting to be more kind and generous are the ones doing the opposite. And the ones whom you thought were bad surprised you with their kindness and sense of humor when you got the chance to know them better.

You don’t need to live up to other people’s expectations in the same way that they are not obliged to live up to yours. As long as you’re doing the right things, aside from the good that you had, then life will be as beautifully thought as it was in the actual experience.


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