How everything was in the end reached across by a wild gaze

The picture in the right was originally taken by me last Sunday using a smartphone camera. The particular place where this picture was taken was Plaza Sugbu, Cebu City, Philippines during twilight. Inspired by Emily Dickenson's poem "The Brain--is wider than the sky--", I came up with my own original composition called "How everything was in the end reached across by a wild gaze":

If it was melody I’m trying to figure out at this juncture,
Then I would already know that glancing dully

Off the vastness of whatever spaces in between--
If anything caught in the trap

Brought into my view--would bridge the gap.
But there it flamed out taking a freakish alignment

Of variables running deep across
The visual flow that shapes the words.

It slips under my wild gaze
Only to be discovered: unfolds by itself.

The mindscape of what this enormous
Machination of the sky can only draw and pull.

If the melody reveals itself as the landscape
That can be captured with words;

To weave a coherent story
For what words can do best and more

Like an inventory of things.
Then I would imagine,

This equivalent fiction, the lateral distance
between two worlds linked by sight.


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