A balanced life is the foundation of joy

What something that only offers you pleasure is not a sure guarantee for a happy, well-lived life. It is simply because pleasure is something a notch lower than happiness. It won’t substitute pure happiness for that matter. Joy is the highest form of happiness.

As for pleasure, you can buy it or acquire it as a gift for yourself. No one would really mind and it doesn’t really matter at all if who else will. You own it, so that’s yours.

But happiness is a more complicated thing to deal with than just plain pleasure. You have got to build it yourself. It has to be built. And you should have someone to share it with. As what Ralph Waldo Emerson had said about happiness to be like a perfume, which you can’t pour down on anyone else without getting some from yourself.

Of course, pleasure is a good thing. Hedonism is a way of life to some. It can bring you a temporary feeling of relief for what happiness can do something to complete such a feeling.

A balanced lifestyle is to simply just keep the balance in every area of your life

It is all about the harmony you had created for the physical, mental or intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of yourself. It is to do whatever it takes to keep each of these said areas of your life to receive equal amount of nourishment.

A balanced lifestyle is to simply just keep the balance in every area of your life and to maintain such a kind of balance. A person can only be happy if he finds satisfaction and contentment of what he has had and do. The way to sorrow, insecurity, and discontentment are through the imbalances in any of these areas of your life has to produce.

Joy as the ultimate goal

To be joyful is to feel the real happiness. It is the highest form of happiness. It is a state by which every little facet of the person that you are is in complete harmony with each other. It is not about what life gives to you, but rather it is all about what you are doing with your life.

Finding joy in the everyday has something to do with the balance you had been keeping for your life. Joy must be the ultimate goal.

Be thankful in everything

And above all, be thankful always. To yourself, for having given the chance to experience life; to the people around you, for having contributed, in one way or another, in the evolution of the person that you have become; to the world, for letting you see her natural beauty; and to God, for all the good things that He has done. Gratefulness is a good happiness-booster.


  1. Happiness.
    It is a complex term and it is simple at the same time...
    Being thankful is so important.
    Thank you for another wonderful post!

    1. Thank you as well for your comment, Julia.


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