Turning every single day of your life into a gift

To those who considered life as a gift will be able to find a lot more each passing day for as long as they live. Of course, life is not always going to be an easy ride and there are days when the hurdles on the road seem like too huge for you to overcome. The terrain may as well be, as unfamiliar as it is, like heading towards a hill.  

The gift of the everyday could be found in the way you look at things and to change their effects on you for the better. It is to savor every single moment with the joy, wisdom, and beauty of what you’re capable of making that will lead to your deepest spiritual fulfillment. Every single day is an opportunity to help you discover the core values you will need for your life by becoming, in as much as it takes you to knowing who you truly are and can be, your own artist.

In reality, things can go very wrong, turns ugly and life can be, at times, rough and tough. But that’s when you have to find ways for what there may be in things you can do something about. The keyword is “attitude.” When things are just beyond your control, you can control your attitude towards them instead.

The gift of the everyday is also the giving of your own gifts in exchange. What are these gifts? The gift of sight that can go beyond superficial seeing, the gift of humility, the gift of contentment, the gift of sympathy, the gift of enthusiasm, the gift of love, hope, faith, and many more.

Turning every single day of your life into a gift is to fully experience life itself by which you have to appreciate the every little facet of what it can offer. It is about the transformation you could get by changing your consciousness for positive reasons. It is not something you have to wait for nor to let others do it for you. You have got to create the device yourself that will produce about such gifts.

Above all, you have to remind yourself that, when things and circumstances are blocking your way from finding them, you had the people close to your heart to treasure for a lifetime, the things that you do to connect you with the divine, and yourself--these are gifts worth keeping for every single day that you will never run out of.  


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