The promise of April

April is the time of year when green things start growing and snows are melting; it marks the beginning of spring season in the Northern Hemisphere. The whole land will be made like new with all the beautiful things that emerge: Colorful flowers, green things growing, bluebirds flying and chirping, a gentle breeze, and plenty of sunshine. It is like a promise, a renewal of vow by which nature must make up for all the damage brought out by last winter.

In tropical countries like the Philippines, April is mid-summer. Philippine summer officially starts in the month of March which extends until the month of June. There are actually just two types of season in the Philippines, one being the dry and the other one which is the wet season; entire year will be like summer but the months of March, April, May, and June are just extremely hot, hence, the Philippine summer.

Spring is the metaphor for continuity of life; something that rejuvenates by itself. It also symbolizes hope and, where it is mid-summer in the tropics, the time when people seek out the best of nature and be one with it. The beauty of spring in temperate countries will also be the abundance of life-giving effect of the tropical summer.

There's more to April than what meets the eye, though. April is you and me caring for each other, the world, and for the generations to come. Life may be hard but, as long as there's April, we can make it through. We could make it more than just a mere promise by loving, nurturing, preserving, and protecting our source of life--nature.


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