Spiderman and the Skyscraper

The last time I watched a Spiderman movie was in 2004, a decade ago. It was one of the most awesome things I had done for myself when I decided to watch it alone. Inside the movie house, everything turned out surreal. Or was it just my rich imagination allowing me to express my own story in special effects and, as what was Peter Parker was best at doing, to swing away from one skyscraper to another.

One good thing I’ve learned from watching that movie was that, as cheesy as it may sound though, it was able to provide me with a sort of connection by which I had all the freedom to turn the fiction into a non-fiction. The movie was about the struggle between living the superhero's own normal and ordinary life as Peter Parker and the big responsibility that he must answer as the Spiderman. When the plot thickened up on him and the conflicts were only adding more loads to the burden, swinging between skyscrapers seemed like one best alternative that will remind him of the superhero status that he has had and will always be. Spending time with his girlfriend at that very particular moment of confusion would only highlight in either way.

If there’s a battle Spiderman needs to win, it must be the battle against his own self; something within him. In real life, Spiderman could be just like everyone else, dealing with a tough issue. The best remedy I could find, though, is for him to use the power of his imagination to influence his emotions. Once he has settled with that kind of thing, he becomes invincible.

It never ceased to amaze me how the imagination can play a very important role in the daily life of a person. Like when the stumbling blocks of life are thrown in someone’s path, there would always be an easy route towards finding comfort in things imaginary; the knight in a shining armor to the rescue. But that’s just the good thing about it. Imagination is such a powerful tool to use for one’s own advantage. It could be a source of positive transformation you like to see in things, people, the world, and yourself.


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