Chopped pig feet stew

This morning my wife cooked me a Filipino comfort food called Chopped pig feet stew. Like the rest of the Sunday mornings since my son Nathaniel was born almost two years ago would, more often than not, found me waking up very late into. The night before would be a session with my imaginary friend talking to me which could last till dawn--the Muse every writer would go crazy about.

I missed the early Sunday morning walks we had at the park before but if I can only bring back the early bird that I once was. But to my relief, though, I would always be served with what every Sunday morning comfort food my wife would be cooking. I’d sure be gaining more pounds for that but it doesn’t matter at all for as long as I’m going to see it as a sign of progress instead. I’d be hitting back the gym for as soon as it needs to be but, for the meantime, let me be just the hedonist. Anyways, here’s how the Chopped pig feet stew should be cooked (according to my wife):


1 kilo chopped pig feet
1 pechay sliced into three parts
1 raw ear of a corn sliced into four parts
1 tropical yam sliced into smaller parts
4 green peppers sliced twice each
1 lemon grass
1 onion chopped into four parts
2 tablespoons of salt
1 Knorr pork cubes seasoning
3 tomatoes sliced twice each
1 ginger (crushed)
potable water
¼ squash sliced into desired parts

Cooking procedure

Clean the chopped pig feet (already a dressed version ready for cooking) thoroughly with water. Put the chopped pig feet in a large cooking vessel. Add water to reach a little over the level of the chopped pig feet. Cook and wait until the meat softens. Normally, the water level will decrease due to prolong cooking. Add water again and allow it to boil.

Then add the corn, squash, and tropical yam and wait to cook for 2 minutes. Add ginger, onion, green peppers, lemongrass, tomato, and pechay. Wait to cook for another 2 minutes. Then add salt and Knorr pork cubes seasoning. Wait to cook for one last minute. Transfer in a large glass bowl and serve. Good for 6 servings.


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