5 things you should know about tea

While there are lots of claims linking tea to good health, moderation in everything is still one golden rule to keep and observe at all times. Tea (Camellia sinensis) is the world’s second most consumed of beverages; water held the top spot. The following are 5 things everyone should know about drinking tea which was believed to have originated in China some 5,000 years ago:

Tea is rich in power antioxidants
A cup of tea alone is enough to give your body a boost to keep free radicals at bay than most other beverages can offer and do for a drink. Tea contains catechins, theanine, polyphenols, and other antioxidants. Because of the presence of these power antioxidants in tea, a study has linked drinking tea to reduction and prevention of some types of cancer.

Tea is a natural performance enhancer
Its effect on the metabolism of an individual is best to those who would like to lose more pounds. Drinking tea can increase a person’s metabolic rate, hence, the burning of more calories which could result to weight loss and more energy.

Tea for clearer, more elastic skin
Some people may even claim that tea is better than plain water. Drinking at least two cups of tea a day will give you a clearer, moisturized, and glowing skin. This is simply because tea is very good at hydrating your body. Although it contains caffeine (which is a diuretic), it is less of an amount than what each cup of coffee may bring on the table.

Tea is good for the heart
Drinking tea helps to prevent one from heart attack and stroke by keeping the arteries smooth and clog-free. But, of course, it must be coupled with a healthy lifestyle, eating a well-balanced diet, and exercise.

The side-effects of drinking tea
We all know about the good things that drinking tea may impact on our health. There is the other side to all of it though. So this is where I’m going to let you know about it so you’ll be cautioned. As what I’ve said earlier, moderation in everything should apply. If there’s anything everyone should know and be warned of the bad side to drinking tea to the excess, then it must be about the presence of a highly toxic compound called fluoride in every cup of tea. Not only that, tea drinking also accounts for the high proportion of aluminum which, according to a study, may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease and oxalates which over consumption of would lead to kidney stone problems.


  1. I use to drink a lot of tea years ago, but my love for coffee has taken over now. I didn't even realise that tea was so good for you. It's also hard to find a very good quality tea these days because there is so many of them out there on the market to choose from.

    Napoleon, every time I come on your page recently I get a pop up advert that automatically redirects me to an advert, I then have to close down the page, and return a second time to read your posts. Not sure why it's happening though.

    1. I think both can be good for us in a sense that these two popular beverages, tea and coffee, are packed with antioxidants. I can't really say that one is superior to the other but it all matters in the preparation to be able to produce a high quality product of these beverages.

      As for the pop up advert, just click out the close ("x") sign located at the upper right of the advert and it will disappear.


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