5 things I’d like to know about Jesus’s unknown years on earth

The Holy Bible has left us with something to keep guessing about the unknown years in the life of Jesus Christ on earth. These were the years spent between Christ’s adolescence until the time he started his ministry at the age of 30. How could this very long span of years of one of the most important figures in history went by unwritten? The following are 5 of the things I’d like to know about Jesus’s unknown years on earth:

Did he ever get a crush on someone of the opposite sex?
Infatuation is something like all normal people would experience. Jesus may probably be experiencing just the same as well, or what do you think?

Did he ever make pilgrimages to foreign lands?
Some people were suggesting that Jesus may have been making pilgrimages outside his country and reaching to even as far as India. These people believed that what Jesus was doing as miracles were actually works of black magic, something he has learned while on a pilgrimage to India.

How tall was he as a teenager?
While the Old Testament was very particular with details in describing the physical features of its subjects like in the case of the giant Goliath’s height, for example, measured as six cubits and a span, which would bring us to 9 feet and 9 inches in modern conversion, the New Testament, on the other hand, has never given us a clear picture of the physical attributes of the man called the Son of God.

What was his favorite food?
While we could easily make a wise guess at what kind of diet Jesus may have been eating by simply referring to what history may be able to link with the kind of foods most people consumed during the Biblical times Israel, I’m curious to know what kind of food in particular Jesus considered to be his most favorite especially during the unknown years of his life. 

Did he ever get to marry someone?
I would most likely think that he, being the Son of God, was forbidden to marry a human being. But with the discovery of a new archaeological find, a papyrus the size of a credit card with its writings deciphered, quoted Jesus as saying, “My wife.” Still, that wouldn’t make it a strong and sound basis to prove that Jesus has actually been married.


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