3 scenarios for the Pacquiao-Bradley rematch

As the much anticipated rematch between 8 division boxing champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao of the Philippines and undefeated American Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley nears, predictions about the outcome of the fight also surfaced as boxing analysts share on their insights which are to base from a lot of factors. But it could be narrowed down to, more often than not, these two important things to ponder: 1. What will these fighters bring in the table which is also to ask what they are still capable of making inside the ring and, 2. The performance they have shown in their last fights. It is quite disrespectful to underestimate the ability of any fighter as anything could happen inside the squared circle. But then, that’s why there are boxing analysts so we would be given a better pre-fight look of the fight. I would like to share to you my own take for the Pacquiao-Bradley 2 matchup in Las Vegas this coming Saturday, April 12, 2014 (Sunday, Manila time). I categorized the fight into these three scenarios:

Pacquiao by TKO 4
Pacquiao stormed on Bradley from the opening bell. Bradley refused to engage and instead used his jabs to keep the Pacman whirlwind at bay. Pacman chased the Desert Storm and landed his combinations at every mistake Bradley was making. Pacquiao took round 1, being the busier and more aggressive fighter. The same thing happened in round 2, except that in the last 10 seconds of the round the two were locked in a crowd-pleasing exchange of power shots. The Pacman obviously won round number 2. Bradley started to get more active in round 3 and landed some of his combinations at a stalking Pacman. Pacman raised his two hands as if to say “C’mon hit me more! Is that all you can do?” Bradley ignored the bait and back to where he is best at--pure boxing. Round 3 belongs to the American. Round 4 started rather slow but, when the undefeated American made a mistake by engaging in a toe-to-toe battle against the Filipino who stood stationary with his back upon the ropes in the corner as if to invite the Desert Storm to come in, Pacquiao connected with a solid right hook to the face of Bradley followed by a left uppercut. Bradley fell down on his knees, his arms he braced against the canvas. Although he was able to beat the count, the referee did not waste any time to halt the fight as the Pacman went on for the kill. The crowd went wild with excitement and roared. Bradley was then taken to his corner to be checked by a physician.

Bradley by unanimous decision
Bradley was dominating every round with his boxing skills. He was able to make Pacquiao look like an amateur. The fighting congressman from the Philippines tried his best to catch Bradley but the Desert Storm was just too slick of a fighter than what Pacquiao was expecting. Bradley has evolved to become one classic example of a sweet science fighter--to hit and don’t get hit. Frustrated Pacquiao announced his retirement right after the fight.

Pacquiao by split decision
The whole fight was more of like duplicating their first encounter two years ago except that, this time around, the verdict was given to the right person. Bradley’s corner wanted an immediate rematch as Top Rank promoter Bob Arum also expressed his side that a trilogy happening between Paquiao and Bradley would be a nice idea. Pacquiao considered taking a long rest after the fight and to contemplate on making a possible fifth fight with arc nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez.


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