Life is like crossing towards the other side of the road

Whoever thinks that life is like crossing towards the other side of the street, shares the same belief as I am. I’ve been crossing the streets so many times already, and thousand things flashed in my mind each time I walked along with people from all walks of life to reach the other side of the road. I can see the metaphor, in real time, of life unfolding; the interspersed prose in its poetic accent wanting to be expressed.

The intersection at Colon Street (fronting Gaisano Metro mall) in Metro Cebu, central Philippines was one of the city’s busiest streets.  A crowd of people waiting for their turn to cross towards the other side of the road is a daily picture longing to be captured. It has become a part of the whole, whether we like it or not, in the urban jungle we created for ourselves.

I had to accept that life is something to be like this, at some point; it has become a gauge by which, in the long run, to expose us as a person. How we cross the street reveal our inner frame, our substance.  

Some people are just plain followers of the majority. They follow what the majority of people are doing; when they see that everyone’s already crossing the street even if the green light is not yet on and cars are coming. While most of them may end up on the other side of the road safely (probably because not all drivers had the guts to intentionally hurt people and automatically hit on the break), they are not really making a sound decision for their own selves; their minds are conditioned to depend much or side with the majority.

Other people are simply just law-abiding citizens. They wait at the walk sign and only start walking when the green light is on. In real life, if we simply just follow the rules and do our part, then everything will be okay.

Then there’s this type of people who cross the street with reckless abandon. They’re just inclined to be indifferent with their surroundings; most of them are self-centered people. They don’t care about the law or of what will happen to them or everyone as long as they get what they want.

Lastly, there’s this type of people who will observe first and when they saw that there’s nothing on the street (no cars passing), even when the traffic light says stop, take a step forward and start crossing. A calculated risk is what they will take realizing that it’s stupid to wait for the go signal when the street is empty.

To live, yes that’s true, is to cross towards the other side of the road. We’re all like pilgrims, and aside from crossing streets, walking in the pedestrians of life.


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