A short clip for my growing son, Nathaniel

What you will see above is a short video covering the random pictures of my growing son, Nathaniel. Fatherhood has since taught me the true meaning of love expressed through the joy of the every day. Searching for love, I have somewhat lost my mind only to find my soul playing the role of one of the most rewarding of human experiences: Fatherhood.


  1. What a wonderful and beautiful video Napoleon. Your son is absolutely gorgeous and he's going to be so proud of you when he gets older. And what a great video to show him and his friends when he turns 18. The music was perfect too.
    We need more fathers like you out there.

    1. Thank you for appreciating and for the compliments as well, mate. I so much love this little man who is the better version of myself--my son. And because of him, I love her mother even more. He is the living message I and my wife will be sending to a time we will not see. I can only wish him the best. I hope he will keep the faith for what he believes in, find happiness, and the desire of his heart, when it’s time for him to seek independence and stand on his own. Fatherhood, for me, is a continuous learning process, a mutual one. You would learn a lot from what you have taught your children. And by spending a lot of your precious time with the family you have built up, as long as you can, it keeps you grounded, and humble, and human.


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