If I could write you a poem

A shadow to dance, one has to deal with chasing a persona in the keeping of the words from escaping one's lips. Someone has to say something: A voice for what the poet is devising to find for answers. As if trying like in the face of everything: Pressing the point, peering into, imagining, thinking, getting a grip, and wandering.

You have to follow where your heart leads. You have to say what’s been left unsaid. It was your own tone of voice that will give it a glow, a little warmth. Something’s dragged on endlessly, which would endure in the midst of words, wherever this poem may take you:

If I could write you a poem
It must be short and simple;
Why bother making it long?
When few words could say it all

If I could give you something
It must be love--heart and soul;
For what’s more than I could give?
I’ll be giving you my all

If I could sing you a song
It must be one that’s thoughtful
Something you will remember
That you are so beautiful

If I could take you somewhere
For you and me to stroll;
It must be anywhere with you
And it will be wonderful

If I could build you a home
It must never have a wall;
So we won’t be divided
So we won’t search, knock, and call


  1. What a lovely poem Napoleon. I particularly liked the idea of a home with no walls to divide you from your loved one whilst singing those thoughtful songs you mentioned. Nice post mate.

    1. Thank you for appreciating and for taking time to read my post.


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