A short poem for Nelson Mandela

"Freedom fighter, prisoner, moral compass and South Africa's symbol of the struggle against racial oppression...Warm, lanky and charismatic in his silk, earth-toned dashikis, he was quick to admit his shortcomings, endearing him further in a culture in which leaders rarely do." --CNN News

"Mr Mandela led South Africa's transition from white-minority rule in the 1990s, after 27 years in prison for his political activities...The Nobel Prize laureate was one of the world's most revered statesmen after preaching reconciliation despite being imprisoned for 27 years." --BBC News

What seest thou who bringeth light
To shine upon the black and white;
From which the colours could blend well
Thine eyes, for sure, must see the will?

To change the world where ignorance
Could eat up all the furtherance
Of living free, equality,
And joy for all humanity.

What though when eyes already shut
From what is seeing meant a lot?
Thy flesh the night could only claim
Yet thou would be a precious gem.


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