Random thoughts, super typhoon Yolanda, and me

The super typhoon Yolanda with international name Haiyan is considered the world’s strongest cyclone for the year 2013. Unfortunately, it hits the Philippines and made  landfall on early morning of Friday, November 8, 2013 (the 24th typhoon to hit the country for this year). Part of my preparations (aside from the most basic of all which is storing food), having lived in Cebu city which super typhoon Yolanda is expected to pass through, are to make sure the cellphones, flashlights, and other gadgets that rely on battery for power are fully charged.

Prayers are also a source of strength and motivation especially in times of great danger or need. I found a different way in anticipation of super typhoon Yolanda’s coming though. I’m thinking about some random thoughts I could possibly write for as a blog post. Some of these thoughts may have been recycled, but these are words forming a thought still worthy of reading--and sharing:

In math of life, more is less. It's not how much you have; it's all about what you can do with what you have, in your own little way, to make this world a much better place in which to live. The important things in life are not things. But they are good relationships you are going to establish with everyone.

While it may be true about finding your happiness to make the most of your life (which is often in the form of acquiring material things), to some extent, it is actually but joy you are looking for. Joy is to feel the happiness in the much deeper sense of it. It is not something that the material things can only provide; it is a higher form of confidence springing from within.

Joy is to see the light of hope in your darkest nights. It is to make good use of sorrow by which the happiness can truly blossom upon. That’s joy: To be able to feel the happiness even in sorrow.

Super typhoon Yolanda may rock you from all points and make you feel the full fury of her wrath, but remember she’s not going to tarry long, or to stay forever with you. Like all the storms in life, she comes and leaves. She will either break or make the stronger person out of you. 


  1. My prayers are with everyone who is going through this storm right now. There is not much you can do if you don't have anywhere to go. All you can do is prepare beforehand as much as you can. Bottled water, foods that won't perish so easily, moving furniture that can become dangerous out of the way, making sure you have enough power in your phone or battery operated radio and so on. I'm sure everyone in the area knows what to do, since they are familiar with this type of weather.
    At times like this, you really see the human race come together to help one another. If only it would continue well after the storms have left.

    1. Thank you for your words of comfort, mate. Storms are a regular visitor to the Philippines (about 19 to 25 storms to hit the country per year) so the people here are already accustomed to that kind of weather. But this time around is different from all the rest. It's one of recorded history's strongest of storms that was hitting us and whatever preparations we had made ahead of it, sometimes, wouldn't be enough to spare us from the fury of its wrath unscathed. If super typhoon Yolanda (international name is Haiyan) is the world's strongest storms, then the Philippines must be the strongest country. We as a people will rise back from the ruins, shake off the dirt from our clothes and go about our business, as usual, and smile. There's nothing we can complain much about this, but together we will bear this burden for as long as we can. Maybe, just maybe, this is why we're given the privilege of bearing the burden of the strongest typhoon ever recorded.


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