World War 3: The clear and present danger of this generation

Before going to the main topic of this post, allow me first to express the only one wish I had in mind concerning this issue. And that is wishing that whatever information I’m going to share below won’t come as true; that this is all but just a lie we are made to believe with as true. That somebody else just made a mistake in telling it would come. I hope our prayers could stop it from happening.

Will the war in Syria and the horrible chemical attack on civilians in its capital city Damascus the beginning of World War 3? The book of Isiah in the Holy Bible has it written about the city: "See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins. (Isiah 17:1)"

It seems like the powerful countries of the world today are gearing up for something big to come. The United States of America, the only remaining superpower country in the world today after rival Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, was pivoting its war machines to Asia to check on the growing might of Communist China that are slowly grabbing territories from among its neighbors.

The two Koreas are always on the watch/guard against each other and any mistake or miscalculation to be made from either of them could lead to the nuking of each other out. Russia, Syria, Iran, and China became each other’s ally. You can add to it the North Koreans who will always be at China’s back. Israel is in danger and would most likely be attacked by Russia by way of Iran and Syria.

Although we may be hearing some peace negotiations going on to try to settle differences between these quarreling parties/countries/people, most of them are just a front, a sugar coated one. We’re now in the age of hypocrisy, a time where the devil is actively working to deceive a many; a time where the King of Darkness transforms himself to become like the Angel of Light.

If World War 3 erupts, it would most likely be fought between the U.S.-Japan-Israel and allies versus Russia-China-Iran and allies tandem. Israel would be left undefended although she was a loyal U.S. ally. It would come as a surprise to people who have great knowledge in history seeing the U.S. and Japan--two former enemies in World War 2--are now backing each other up. Meanwhile, Russia and Iran--two countries which are known to have some kind of rift in the past--are now collaborating.

This wouldn’t quite surprise me though, having read the Holy Bible as what was prophesied in the book of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. Iran, together with Russia and their allies would invade Israel. World War 3 is getting real--the clear and present danger this, or perhaps the next, generation will have to face.


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