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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When boredom strikes: 20 things you should be doing to get rid of it

Boredom is, in my opinion, a state by which your mind is not fully engaged, focused, or interested on something or anything. The only thing needed to get rid of boredom is to keep both your mind and body busy or active at that particular moment. If you keep yourself busy or so much interested on something, then you won’t be getting bored at all. However, I’m going to suggest just 20 things you should be doing when boredom strikes. This will not only help you out from whatever boring things you’re in, but also contribute something to making your day worthwhile.

1.     Plant a tree. It will help our mother earth.

2.     Write a poem, or write about just anything. It will enhance your creative side.

3.     Read a book or the Bible. The more you read, the more you learn.

4.     Get out into the open. Take a walk in the park and do sight-seeing. It will relax your toxic mind.

5.     Go shopping, even window shopping when you’re out of budget.

6.     Watch a movie.

7.     Call a long distance friend on the phone and talk about random of topics.

8.     Go to the church. You can meditate there and pray.

9.     Treat yourself. Buy yourself an ice cream or anything you like eating.

10.  Clean the house.

11.  Listen to your favorite music.

12.  Sing in the karaoke bar.

13.  Get yourself a relaxing massage or a spa.

14.  Cook something delicious.

15.  Give something good to someone, even complete strangers.

16.  Go to the gym. Sweat that thing out.

17.  Visit a friend. Make sure he or she is not a boring friend to be with.

18.  Engage in your favorite of sports. If it’s boxing, then go, find a sparring partner and box it with him. If it’s chess, then go blow out your mind thinking for the next nice move.

19.   Go online and surf the internet. Check out your favorite social media sites and update your status. Chat.

20.  If you’re at the working place and you get bored, then it’s either you have to quit the job or learn to live with it.


  1. It can be hard to shake yourself out of boredom unless you can motivate yourself enough to at least do some or all of the things you mentioned. You've given some great ideas and one day I just might get the chance to plant a Rum Punch Drunk tree, ha ha ha. Funny, but you never know how life has a way of developing.
    Love the idea of No:15 too.

    1. Thank you for taking time to read and for sharing us your words with this post as well. I'm thinking, what it will be like planting a Rum Punch Drunk tree. But it must be something like we can make a rum out of its fruit...ha ha ha...


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