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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Can Marquez do it again?

With his stunning sixth round stoppage win over Pacquiao last Decemder of 2012, Mexican warrior Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez will no doubt be the highly favored to win when he faces American Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley on October 12, 2013. Both fighters have been fighting a common foe in Pacquiao and each of them won, the only difference was in the manner by which they have snatched the victory. Bradley won on points in what was a controversial decision while the Dinamita, on the other hand, turned the lights out from Pacquiao with his crashing Heredia-transformed right hand that sent the Filipino champion falling face first towards the canvas and motionless in the dying seconds of round six. But before the knockout happened, Pacquiao was ahead on points on all score cards and was obviously dominating the fight.

But with another Pacquiao conqueror Tim Bradley, whom he would be trading punches tonight, can the Dinamita do it again? Would he be able to cast the spell so that his right hand will once again do the magic for him? Or he would simply become just like what he usually is best at doing: counter punching. Although he was a master counter puncher, the 40-year-old Mexican warrior is not known, in his entire boxing career, as a one punch knockout artist until his fourth outing with Pacquiao. Coincidentally, it suddenly happened when he hired former PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) dealer Angel “Memo” Heredia to be his new strength and conditioning coach. Heredia nicknamed him as “The Hulk,” which suggests something if you’re quite curious enough to make some kind of thinking. Marquez looked more of a body builder than a boxer when he fought Pacquiao the fourth time.

Contrary to what the majority of people thinking Marquez could beat the Desert Storm, I see a slower version of Marquez got beaten badly in this fight. This will, of course, surprise a many boxing fanatics and loyalists. Bradley’s speed is the key; his athleticism as well is another. So the question on whether or not Marquez can do it again is answered. I say, no, he can’t. But he can still fight Pacquiao again if he’s brave enough.  


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