A fight for redemption: Pacquiao will slug it out against Rios

If there is a fight that will give Manny Pacquiao the chance to bring back his boxing career’s lost spark following back to back losses to American Timothy Bradley and that of Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez, then it will be his fight against Brandon “Bam-Bam” Rios this coming November 23 (November 24 Manila time) in Macau. It will be his most important fight as the result of that fight will decide on whether or not he must continue to be fighting. We could expect Pacquiao’s best form when he slugs it out with Rios.

Meanwhile, two of Pacquiao’s former foes will be facing each other this coming Saturday, October 12, 2013 (October 13, Manila time). Both Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley have fought and beaten Pacquiao. A rematch with either of the two against Pacquiao is possible, hopefully next year, depending on his performance against Rios.

I would like to see Pacquiao walking over Rios within six rounds to pepper the young hungry lion, in staccato bursts, with shots of vicious blows coming from all directions, but going the distance towards the twelfth canto is also a possibility. Rios is a durable fighter and one who has a bottomless stamina. It will be a heavy slugfest, for sure, and one that will become the sport’s own antithesis to the Mayweather-Alvarez boxing clinic.


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