10 things to remind yourself on a daily basis

The purpose of living is to make the best of what a human being is capable of doing that can give glory to his Creator. It is to harmonize with nature, to be productive in a positive way, and a source of a new abundance and light to be readily passed on to another. Life should be the links between simplicity and constructive functionalism.

The secret of life is through balance, and moderation best supports it. From eating to drinking, lifestyle, work, leisure, and so on and so forth, balance and equilibrium play a very significant role for a particular sphere of activity’s continuous progression. Imbalance is the great spoiler--the source of all the negative things it can potentially impact upon its host.

Every day (wherever you are and whatever life it is you’re living) is a constant grind for such a chance to remind yourself of what you can do to make it all better for you. I said “every day,” on a daily basis, that is, because a poor memory is often the case why you sometimes do the things you’re not supposed to. The following are, in my own opinion, 10 things you need to remind your own self each passing day to make the best of your life:

  • You don’t own anything, everything else is just borrowed. From day one of your life, everything else became possible because it was provided to you. The air that you breathe, sunlight, water, food, everything, even your own talent or skills, are all borrowed. And since these are all borrowed, you need to take good care of them and to put them in good use.

  • You’re not alone. If you’re feeling happy right now, some people are also feeling the same way. If you’re feeling sad right now, some people are feeling sad as you do. You are not alone. No matter how hard you’ve gone through in life, somebody else just did. So don’t feel too bad about yourself when things aren’t going well your way because somebody else out there may have just experienced something worse than you are.

  • Simplicity is beauty. The most beautiful thing is the one that is natural and simple. You can see it everywhere in nature. Nature is the best depiction of beauty: natural, simple, and pure. The same as true with life enmeshed with the simplicity of living making it all the more beautiful and natural.

  • Inspiration multiplies inspiration. You need to surround yourself with what can inspire you. This way, you will not only be inspired, but a source of inspiration to others.

  • Live to love, love to live. As simple as that, yet as hard to do: You have to live to love and love to live. You don’t only have to love your work, the things that passed your approval, or the people close to your heart, but you have to also love, most importantly, the unlovable. Love is the chalk that you can use to write on anyone’s board. The darker the board becomes the better for you to write on it.

  • You can’t be perfect, but you can still be good. Don’t push too hard on perfection, but strive to be good. There’s no such thing as a perfect thing here on earth. There’s always got to be a flaw you can find in everything sooner or later. The almost perfect beauty of a blossomed flower is short-lived, good looking people grow old, paradisiacal landscapes change, and so on and so forth. It seems like everything is heading towards destruction and decay. Life is designed for anyone to make up for what it lacks in perfection.

  • You don’t live forever, but you can live forever. Life on earth is but a temporary one. You’re only here to live for several decades. You won’t be here for long. But you can live forever though. The Holy Bible teaches us how it is for a human being to become immortal. (John 3:16)

  • The way you live is the meaning to your life. Stop searching for the meaning of life elsewhere; you won’t be able to find it that way. Live your life the way you would like it to be--that is the meaning.

  • You are rich no matter what. Just because you are not financially rich doesn’t mean you’re poor. Real poverty springs from a corruption within and not from what one is deficient on the outside. Material wealth is temporary and could be taken or stolen away from you any time. But the wealth that comes from within yourself will be there for as long as you wish.

  • You need someone, just like everybody else. You will always find someone who will be there for you even when sometimes you think no one else just cared. Some of them will come in the form of disguises, some will be just too real to deny. You need someone, he or she needs you as well.
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