What makes a strong person: 10 qualities of a strong person

What makes a strong person? Someone who has a well-sculpted body with hard muscles everywhere is one thing to consider in the literal sense of it. But allow me to bring it a little further towards where something must be gauged out of a person who swims through life’s stormy seas exposing the kind of material he or she was being made of and the quality of the things that he or she possessed crucial to his or her showing of his or her full potential as a person.

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was right when he said that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  Scientific studies conducted to prove this claim revealed that a person who had the most of life’s traumatic experiences is the one who would most likely to become more resilient and can cope up with any bad situation easily and faster. In other words, it makes one a veteran in that field.

Perhaps these bad experiences and other negative things in life, in my own opinion, are designed to make you become immune with these things and that they will only bring out the best in you. But still, no matter how things turned out to be in the long run, it is what you decide to choose and how to react with the things you have chosen for yourself should be important.

I would like to question, though, about how much should the extent of severity for these traumatic experiences and difficulties a person must have endured or survived to be considered beneficial. Will these things make you or break you?

I’m not going to suggest for anyone to go the extra mile of searching hoping to find or experience it yourself nor for anyone to become totally reckless thinking that anything bad to happen at any time could be transformed as good. Of course, to have a miserable life experiences can be bad for anybody else although the same could also make people become tough and better in overcoming difficulties. The following are just 10 of the best qualities that, in my own opinion, makes up a strong person:

  • Patience. Being patient is a mark of a strong person. Impatience is enough to ruin whatever inner strengths a person has built up or kept.

  • Resilience. True strength is not always about never breaking. Sometimes, it is to be found in the bending with the attack of the storms of life and thrive.

  • Perseverance. It is in the steady, slowly, but consistent way of dealing with resistance ‘til the end of the process that real strength is formed.

  • Has a will. It is crucial to the mental strength of a person because it can influence big time the decision making processes of a human mind that will be translated into action.

  • Ability to accept. The ability of a person to accept whatever it is that life is throwing at him or her while trying to change what is needed to improve at the same time, as long as he or she can, is one best way to gain strength.

  • Honesty. Being honest in everything that you do builds up strength little by little. Being honest with your own self builds strength instantly. It is to show the true you and what you’re feeling at a particular point of time which requires a great amount of strength to become possible. Yes, strong men do cry.

  • Kindness. Any argument cannot be answered with insults so it requires the strength of a person to keep the anger at bay by showing kindness and keeping your cool no matter what.

  • Quick to forgive. Strong people are quick to forgive anyone who have done them wrong, yes, even their own selves, which is why they bounce back from the ruins just as quick. Forgiveness doesn’t only strengthen you, it heals you.

  • Joyful. Strong people tend to be happier even when life is not treating them well.

  • Faith in God. Last but the most important of all. Find strength in God.
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    1. Great post. Yes strong people don't put other people down to show their superiority, they help them to come up in life.

      1. Thank you for taking time to read this blog post and for your comment as well.

    2. Lovely post.
      We can make a choice and make an experience meaningful, no matter how painful it is.
      Thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog.


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