The ABC of love: Learning from the basics

Every learnable thing has its own basics. It is a process or a device by which every prospect must undergo or comply to achieve expected or desired results. Love, being a learnable thing, is no exception. The ABC of one of the most powerful of emotions should be something that unlocks the key to better relationships and, most importantly, directs one to do so.

Love is what everybody else is feeling or experiencing, yet only a few people truly understand what it is all about. But the best thing about it is that you don’t have to understand about it just so you could feel it. You love because that’s just what you’re feeling towards something or a person and that’s the only thing that should matter.

But then, in spite of that, you have to learn its basics. And while love could best grow in the freedom of making it just as natural as it can possibly be; it will still fall in the way you carry it out with your own hands. What you will do is what you will get in love.

Love is all about giving—the generosity that springs from appreciating the goodness of a person or a thing. Anyone else can give without loving, but to love without giving is impossible. From this “giving” thing emerged the ABC of love, the basics needed for anyone desiring to love and mean it:

  • Accept. Acceptance is the first move that leads to love. If you couldn’t accept a person as he or she is, then there’s no way that love could develop. To accept is to allow a little space in your heart for this person to stay as you evaluate the potential qualities that he or she can possibly impact upon you. Once you learn to appreciate the value or beauty of a person in your own unique way of observing, then there’s a great possibility that love could develop out of that.

  • Build. Once you have accepted the person, you will then start to build up relationship with this person. Building up a relationship with someone requires your ability to engineer what you would like of your relationship to look like or become. If you would like it to last forever then you will have to make strong foundations of your design.

  • Commit. Everything is intact now and you know you’re in for the best of what you have built up, it is then that commitment enters. And, to tell you frankly, it is very important. This is where most lovers failed, even the good ones. To commit is to seal your relationship with the purity of what love can provide.
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