Meet Nick Vujicic: From life without limbs to a life without limits

If you think that life should be without a use anymore because of physical disabilities, then you will need an inspiration from the man who defies logic by making his life worthwhile though having without all of four limbs.

Australian born Serbian Nick Vujicic (pronounced as Vooyeecheech) was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1982 with a tetra-amelia syndrome resulting to his having without all four limbs. Can you imagine how hard it must be for him to live without arms and legs and how he will have to survive all forms of discrimination thrown at him from all directions because of his condition?  Can you imagine how he must be so depressed and desperate? What was his source of inspiration and where did he draw strength from?

His condition is enough to drive a man insane and to take one’s own life will be a sweet option. There comes a time when he blamed God for his condition. The idea about taking his own life has crossed his mind even at such a young age of eight that when he reached ten years old he tried to drown himself in a bathtub to end it all. Luckily, he was rescued.

After three suicide attempts he realized about the importance of his life and slowly came to terms with the purpose behind it.  In an article published by the Daily Mail who happened to interview him, it quoted him saying, “The third time I tried it, I was stopped by one thought: seeing my mom, my dad, and my brother crying over my grave. They showed that love, that love caused me to love, and caused me to stay.”

To have a strong faith in God has become his guide and his source of strength. “If you offer it up to God, He can turn even the worst part of your life into something beautiful,” he said.

His life and his words should be a living reminder and one of a source of inspiration for anyone to lead a life full of meaning and a purpose despite the odds. And guess what? He can do some things like any normal person does. He can swim, dive from a diving board, play soccer, golfing, and travel around the world to spread his good news.

The Philippines was one of the lucky countries he has come to visit with. Last May of this year, invited as a motivational speaker, he has filled up the Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) Center in Ortigas Avenue, City of Pasig, Philippines, with people eager to take a slice of his good news. He also appeared to speak, as an in demand motivational speaker that he has become, before a crowd of people willing enough to listen to his words of wisdom and the story of hope that he will be able to impart to them in several other occasions and places.

One of the most beautiful of things that has ever happened in his life was when he met his wife and became a father to a son.

“From life without limbs to a life without limits,” addressing to a huge crowd of people who called themselves the “Unstoppable Faith” as part of the Unstoppable Tour Live in Manila under Becca Music production. “If God can use a man with no hands and feet as his arms and legs, He will use you. He will be with you ‘til the end,” he said.


  1. 3 suicide attempts and look what he's doing with his life now. Sometimes we have to go through the rough rugged path in order to get back on to the smooth road. I have no doubt that his story will help save many lives and bring new hope to others.It just makes you think how much you can achieve with limbs, if this man can get this far without them. What a marvelous story.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Indeed, his life story should be a source of hope and inspiration for all of us. Life is full of surprises and he sure surprised quite a many.


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