7 important things you should be doing to lead a well lived, happy life

Life is a beautiful experience if you know how to live it. It is not okay to just exist or to try living it in black and white terms, but for you to add some colors to it is wonderful. Of course, it is not perfect but it is in the way you make up for these imperfections that you are given the chance to see a clearer picture of what it is all about and why you have to live it leaving you satisfied and happy. I would like to share to you seven of the most important things that you should be doing to lead a well lived, happy life:

  •   Be generous.  It is always better to give, as what the Holy Bible was telling, than to receive. Yes, that’s true. Giving is the foundation of love and the more you nurture that “giving” thing in you, the more it is for love to grow. It is in giving that you would be blessed a tenfold in return.

  •  Count the blessings, not the troubles. It is always wise to look at the bright side of life. Worrying about anything won’t help it anyway. So instead of trying to see what is horrible, why not divert your attention to things that will not only give you peace of mind, but also inspire you to do something good at the same time.

  •  Faith in God.  A life without God is a life without direction. If you put God at the center of your life, you would have nothing left to worry about.

  •  Be satisfied. The only way to get satisfaction in life is to be contented with what you have. I’m not going to say you must stop doing something to improve yourself or what you have, but contentment is to break free from the clutches of greed.

  •  Be prayerful. Prayers can do wonders. I suggest you must be doing it daily, at least. To pray is to acknowledge the fact that God is in full control of your life.

  •  Eat and drink moderately. Gluttony is a sin. I’m not going to suggest that you must be a vegan, vegetarian or whatever but go for a balance diet and eat and drink in moderation.

  •  Wear a smile. To smile is to project what you would like others to communicate to you. It is like giving someone a candy, and you would get a cake in return.

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    1. You have some good tips when things are truly going well, but it's very hard to do some of them when you are feeling bad inside and pressure is coming at you from all directions on the outside. I guess it's a case of 'mind over matter'.
      I will definitely 'smile' today and count my blessings.

      1. Thank you for introducing your idea of "mind over matter" in this topic because it actually is a mind over matter thing to form the "attitude" that will change our way of looking at things.

        For though some things and situations are beyond our control, yet we can always try to control our attitude towards them and, consequently, change their effects on us for the better.

    2. Leisure has come to stay. It is on this platform that I say that man need to withdraw and question himself why he is on earth. For more see; University of Nigeria,Nsukka website or http://www.unn.edu.ng
      Commando171379. UNN.

      1. Thank you for dropping by. I'll sure check out the link you have mentioned.


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