Some tips on helping you become the best writer that you could be

Yes, that could be true. You could be a good writer than you think. But you have to believe in yourself first that you can. Forget about that favorite novel you are so much obsessed of reading or that favorite writer you wish to become someday. What you’re going to do now is to just focus on yourself and write the way you can.

You don’t have to struggle with writing, but make it your servant instead of a master. If you find it hard to start writing about just anything, then stop doing it in the first place and be productive in some things other than that. I’m not saying you must quit writing once and for all but it must be that you only have to make a break for a while and then make a huge comeback. I’m suggesting this because, from my own experience, it is always better to write when there is that free flowing of thoughts dictating your every longing for words to be written than to try to push hard on something you would only have difficulty knowing what to write about.

One best technique is for you to keep a small notebook that you must take with you wherever you may go. Then write all the best random of thoughts and ideas you have gathered throughout the day in your small notebook. You will be surprised to find out that after a few weeks or so your notebook is slowly becoming running out of space as it is filled with lots of what you need to write about.  Fortunately, nowadays, technology has made it all easier for us to store notes and messages through smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets with a much larger storage capacity. Anyways, this is how you’re going to do it:

  • Pick up the phrases and some keywords that would best support for your selected topic or subject and write them down on a separate sheet of paper. Juxtapose one phrase from the other until they match perfectly well.

  • Supplement it with as many a word you can add to the subject. Sometimes, ideas just suddenly pop up when you read something close to what you would like to expound about.

  • Edit. When editing your work, it is best to make it as simple as possible. You have to simplify everything in order for your readers to easily absorb of what it is you’re trying to convey about.

  • Relax. Drink a cup of coffee or two as you read and reread the finished product of your own work. You must remember that you’re dealing with the joy of writing and not the burden of it.

  • Although some people are exceptional writers while others could just simply express about their thoughts and emotions through the written words easily and a many more could not even start to write a single sentence for a particular topic, we have to consider the fact that writing is a gift inherent in everyone. There is that writer in each one of us waiting to be freed out.  You could be a good writer than you think. You only have to believe in yourself that you can. 


    1. I enjoyed reading this post and it gave some good techniques. Having a notebook is really good because no matter how many times we have an idea throughout the day, we usually get home and forget most of them. So having a pen and paper is always handy when looking for inspiration.
      I usually check and double-check my work to try and make sure that it reads well and is understandable by any reader. It's not always easy but I've found many mistakes this way and had to re-write things in a clearer way.
      Great post mate :)

      1. Thank you for sharing us your thoughts. I am delighted for the enjoyment it has caused upon you for reading my blog post. Keeping a record for these transient ideas is, for me, a basic yet one of the most effective means to have a good writing resource.


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