Some thoughts on fatherhood

Fatherhood, for me, is a special task that can expose both the worst and the best character of a man. And as we celebrate Father’s Day today to honor all the dads in the world, allow me to share to you some insights about how it’s going to become a good father--something I never quite understood from my father then until I became a dad myself. What does, after all, it takes to become a good dad?

He's not going to be perfect though, of course, because we all know there's no such thing as it is. But some dads managed to make it pretty close at it and that’s very good. A good dad knows what's best for his children and makes all the difference in their lives. He makes sure he always had something good to impart to his children and shows to them the value of even the most little of things. He might be a disciplinarian or not, but what's important is that he takes into consideration that his children are human beings capable of making mistakes as a part of growing up. He instead encourages them to make up for these mistakes but also warn that a repetition of the same mistakes all over again will have to meet exact punishment.

A good father knows when to apply discipline. He must be one with a good sense of humor, honest, committed, trustworthy, a lover, compassionate, open-minded, God-fearing, and most of all has time for his family. When it comes to family matters, the gift of time is valued more than anything else.

A good father accepts about the fact that he can’t always fit his children into his mold as every child is unique and has different character traits and talents. A good father should not expect for his children to live the same kind of life that he does and to do the same kind of work.

Fatherhood is such that will make our children to trust, love, and respect the adults of their lives. It is also, above all, to illustrate the importance of affection for a dad to love the mother of his children. To all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day especially to papa Rudy, brother Jun, and me.


  1. A very well written blog post about fathers, Napoleon. I truly enjoyed it and you have hit on so many good points. I liked how you also mentioned that a father shouldn't expect his children to live like him. A father helps you gain independence as well as pushing you much more further in life than he went. Brilliant Post, mate.

    1. Thank you for dropping by and for leaving us your comments. I'm glad to know you were able to enjoy reading my post. What I was trying to convey in the post you were able to complete it through your comments. Amazing!


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