Failure of humanity in Syria: What shall our world's important leaders ought to be doing very soon but failed?

Humanity has failed in Syria. Its civil war has produced what is to be considered gross violations of human rights on a massive scale: rape, innocent children unlawfully slain or tortured including women, hospital patients, medical personnel, cannibalism, and many more acts of savagery. Our world’s important leaders should have intervened immediately by finding a solution towards peace and stability in that country instead of giving aid for either side to further fuel up the fire. The civil war in Syria, which is now on its second year of intense fighting between the rebel forces who identified themselves as the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and dictator Assad’s government troops, has already taken an estimated 100,000 lives and counting, mostly of which are civilians consisting of women and innocent children, should be one that is not only considered as the most bloody in recent memory, but also brutal. It once again resurrected the barbaric side a human being is capable of transforming himself into, becoming one to possess the qualities only applicable to the Dark Ages of human existence.

A civil war, by its very nature, is an internal conflict which can be attributed to the cleansing of a nation by its very own people. But the Syrian civil war, as it unfolded, has become a proxy war for any parties with personal interests or hidden agendas in mind taking a slice of what was the need to get involve. The result: Syria became the battleground for mercenary fighters from both sides as well as a testing ground for the effectiveness of the newly acquired armaments as aids from allies. The civilian populations, as often the case in any wars, are the ones to be directly hit and affected and we could only see how they would submerge helplessly to endure such an infliction when something could have been done to save them from utter destruction.

The battlefield will have to formulate a complicated sense of equation by which to carefully weigh where, for the world’s powerful countries, to take side with. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has already expressed support for Assad’s opposition by planning to stage an air strike against his troops and by supplying arms to the rebels to help topple down the regime. Such a move by NATO should have gained criticisms from countries at war with terrorists and terrorism. The FSA (Free Syrian Army) rebel group, as reported, has some of its fighters linked up to Al Quaida--a terrorist group founded by Bin Ladin while Assad’s dictatorship has the backing of its Russian ally, as well as Iran and the Hezbollah fighters of Lebanon.

The United States of America should be the main draw to this in such a way that it could influence big time, whether to bring these two quarreling parties in the negotiating table or as the game-changer thrown into the equation to whichever it wishes to side with, to what Syria’s future should look like as the world observes. But Uncle Sam’s reluctance to engage yet in Syria has found a many a think tank to speculate hard and deep on this. Why was the delay in intervening when it has been very supportive in its other campaigns to break down regimes to pave way for the emerging new democracies in some of the Middle Eastern countries as well as in the Northern African country of Libya?

The United States, as the picture goes out, has been caught between two great walls. It can’t validate its support for the rebels since the rebels have been linked to a terrorist group Al Quaida and it would appear to the eyes of the whole world that America is not sincere in its war against terrorism should it publicly side with them. Meanwhile, Syria is one of Iran’s most important allies in the region and to help Assad to stay in power is no other than helping one of America’s enemies--Iran. But who knows the U.S. has already worked out secretly on this through its notorious CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). Israel’s entrance in the Syrian war could only make the whole scenario looking bad and as far more complicated, giving peace a very narrow chance to be attained at this time.

There will be more fighting, vengeance, hatred, cruelties, barbarism, and innocent lives to be lost in the Syrian civil war that went ugliest. I hope this will not make it as a build-up for World War III because there is a great chance it will lead up to that. The fire has been fanned from all directions but we, as citizens of this world, could still do something to keep it from escalating any further. Humanity has failed in Syria and our important world leaders, who are supposed to intervene and give peace a chance so as to make this world a better place in which to live, have been reduced to just mere hypocrites for this.


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