A gift for myself

If time, as they say, is the best gift we could give to someone and vice versa, I am more curious to know what is that best of gifts we could as well give to ourselves. Of course, and for sure, it will be a subject of debate to many and may vary from person to person as each one of us has his or her own personal preference or opinion for what he or she thinks is the "best" that he or she could possibly give to his or her own self. Whatever it is, let’s leave it at that. But I wrote this article because this coming June 21st I will be turning 35 years old and I was thinking about what kind of gifts I would like to give myself on my natal day. So the story is going to revolve around me for that particular time of my life, not anyone else's.

Having learned from what I will often hear about the best of gifts that should come from small packages and even in disguises, I think I already had an idea about what should be that kind of thing I’m going to soon receive for myself. While this life that I’m living, a gift as it already was to consider, has blessed me with lots of wonderful things as well as to give back what I can to it, yet nothing challenges me more than the idea of giving me something which I know is the best that I can give myself. Can you guess what is it?

It should be the Gift of Love. Love is the lifeblood in everything that seeks for a meaningful experience through the appreciation of the goodness of a thing. It also implies action because I’m going to “seek” for that meaningful experience myself to make it happen.  It is through this appreciation of the goodness of a thing that something will abundantly flow from my source of what is a selfless giving towards my subject. It is naturally very generous and unconditional. 

So whatever it is I’m going to do and give for anything and for any time, as long as there’s love in it, is the best gift I can give for myself. I’ll be turning 35 come June 21st so another year will be added into my life but, believe me, it’s just a number. I can always be the young at heart I would like to be. Wish me Happy Birthday anyway! Are you wrapping the gifts yet?


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