Time to defend our national pride and dignity

What happened on the 9th of May 2013 when the patrolling coast guard of the Republic of the Philippines intercepted foreign vessels sailing within Philippine waters and accidentally killed one person, which were later known to be Taiwanese fishing boats, should have served a lesson from both sides. For these Taiwanese poachers, they should have been aware of the fact that what they’re doing is illegal. Some of these poachers, taking advantage of the poorly equipped Philippine navy and coast guard, have been entering and going out of Philippine territory so many times already without getting caught. And, in some instances, when they are caught they will just say as an excuse, “We’re having engine trouble and while we’re doing repair the current of the sea brought us here.” But the incident on May 9th is a different one as the coast guard reported that one of the foreign boats tried to ram their vessel. Of course, I believe, the rules of engagement have been observed by our coast guard. But after several warning shots have been done and ignored, and upon seeing one of the boats heading towards their direction, they decided to open fire again this time aimed at the engine area of the incoming boat to disable it. The boat did stop, and so is the life of a 65-year-old Taiwanese fisherman inside. It was an accident.

The rage of the Taiwanese people erupted after that incident. Taiwanese government demanded a Philippine government apology and compensation to the family of the accidentally slain fisherman. But while the Philippine government was apologizing, Taiwan rejects it. The lives of almost 90,000 Filipinos working in Taiwan could be in great jeopardy if the situation gets worse. According to a report in the news, some Filipinos in Taiwan were attacked by some Taiwanese gangsters and sympathizers. Some of them were even hospitalized due to the severity of the injury absorbed. They even threatened about going to war against the Philippines if their demands won’t be met. Damn, who are these Taiwanese people to dictate us what we shall do by the way? Their arrogance, no doubt, reflects that of their cousins from the mainland.

The president of the Republic of the Philippines, being the commander in chief, should be tough on this issue. We've had been so much trodden as a people. They show us no respect. I think it’s about time to defend our national pride and dignity for that matter. The Philippine government should never have apologized to the Taiwanese people in the first place. Apologize, for what? These poachers violated laws and the coast guard naturally is just doing its job. To compensate, out of humanitarian reason is, for me, okay. But to apologize to a violator is a big joke. If they want to go to war against us, then let them. We as a free people should fight them with what we have; our battle-hardened soldiers could give them a good fight. We have to show to these arrogant race of people that we're not afraid of them. As a preparation, president Pnoy should create more industries in the soonest possible time to accommodate the displaced Filipinos in Taiwan should the war occur. More industries mean more jobs. 


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