A poem for Dan Brown's 'Inferno'

Dan Brown’s choosing and vivid description of Manila, in all the cities of the world, through a character in his latest novel "Inferno" saying about the city capital of the Philippines to be the Gates of Hell, have sparked anger in the Philippines. Philippine government officials especially that of the tourism department have denounced Brown's novel for it can only create a bad impression of the city to the world. He (Dan Brown) may or may have not been to the Philippines, but he sure has all the freedom to create a world for what his mind is capable of describing through the written words. But, the truth is and in reality, Gates of Hell is not Manila and vice versa; he only needs to see the beauty of the place for what his fiction cannot quite appreciate. There's no such thing as a perfect city but there are places/cities in the world which are far more worse than what the Gates of Hell that is Manila being portrayed: Mogadishu in Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea, Monrovia in Liberia, and many more. It only supports the fact that the Inferno's Gates of Hell, after all, is just an exaggeration in fiction. This novel may have told the truth about the city and its people but it's only focusing on the negative sides of it. Manila is a beautiful city with rich history and culture and one that the Filipino people can be proud of. Dan Brown, who also authored the highly controversial The Da Vinci Code, Demons and Angels, and many more, is, of course, just a fictionist who would like to sell out his books. The creator of Gates of Hell in this Far Eastern city of the doomed, trying to blip away from my radar screen to escape, cannot go unscathed. I have prepared something for him to deal with what, I think, is his fiction’s antidote: A poem for Dan Brown’s Inferno:

Gone are the Gates of Hell published--
A flaw it was, indeed;
But someone thinks what he had wished:
The hell that he has made.

So much for telling truths and lies
And deep imaginings;
The Gates of Hell seen through his eyes
Is one hell best of things.

The Gates of Hell resides in us
If we would let it be;
Not in a place we think it was
But where we drift away.


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