The Korean crisis: Are we on the brink of war?

With the latest situation involving the two Koreas getting worse--the North and the South--together with the South's ally the United States and with such a slim chance of bringing such a case to the negotiating table at the moment, which fought a battle some five decades ago, would only suggest that war is imminent. War should be at all times avoided but if all means to peaceful settlement of any dispute done and failed, then war begins. It will be fought again with renewed fury--a rematch in the battle for supremacy these two countries are waging and one that could affect at least 70 percent of the world’s population. Yet I hope these two countries would finally settle their differences by talking it all out in the table. Threats from Nokor (North Korea) which are going to include launching of missiles with nuclear capability aimed at Seoul, Tokyo, US military bases in the Pacific, or even reaching as far as the mainland US, should not be taken lightly. North Korea has the world’s largest military with its million-strong standing army which could outnumber the South, but with the US backing the South the retaliation would be devastating should the North invades.

Will North Korea becomes just another Iraq should the war erupts? It’s hard to make comparison between the two countries but North Korea poses a real threat for any country than what was the Saddam Hussein-era Iraq appeared to be hyped. It’s only that North Korea would likely to become the advance party or as pawns pushed on purpose and when that happens new enemies would emerge later on. China will top the list. When the Korean crisis develops into a full-blown conflict and hit a domino effect with every nation, the world will be at war again. This generation will be witnessing a magnified version of World War II. World population will be cut by half as a result of that war. North Korea would be crushed out and China will be paying a heavy price. The United States will remain the world’s lone superpower country. Nations will be rebuilt. Life will be back to normal (although it will never be the same again after a war fought with nuclear warheads).

War should only be the last resort. But oftentimes it happened by accident and one by which our leaders should be held most accountable with out of such a great responsibility imposed upon them. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, as inexperienced a leader as he is and can be, should make no mistake. He must give his people freedom instead, not war.


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