This country needs a good, strong leader, not weak, pretentious leadership

This country needs a good, strong leader, not weak, pretentious leadership. A leader who could defend Philippine pride and freedom. A leader who do not only know the history of his own people and nation very well but, also, one who can make the beating of every citizen's heart as his own; a leader who treats his people like his own children. A leader who understands, provide services, protection and, most importantly, one who will never abandon his children in the face of danger no matter how much his children have failed to listen to him in the process. Yes, to some degree, he must be a disciplinarian. But his gift of reconciliation will make the disciplining felt like just a tap on the shoulder and brings his lost children back into the fold.

With the country’s midterm election coming in May, the Filipino people are once again given the chance to choose individuals who will run the government for them.  Politicians will be most busy courting the people. The quest for a strong leader is a rarity that’s why we have to grab the opportunity and waste no time electing him or her into office when it comes. Except when the options are limited, we have to choose the best, more deserving ones.

A good leader knows how to handle a crisis even to the point of something that will have caught him off guard. His strong leadership unites a nation and one that settled out differences from all sectors, heals. He is not only intelligent but, most importantly, as patriotic as he is God-fearing. His decision making ability for any situation could save lives instead of losing them. He is, above all, a man of positive actions. The present administration’s handling of the Sabah crisis somehow frustrates me. The indifference, arrogance, and lack of initiative in dealing with the Sabah standoff are only indicative of a poor leadership this administration has to show. The president of the Republic of the Philippines, being the commander in chief, should have done something so bloodshed could have been prevented in the first place.

Again, this country of ours needs a good, strong leader, not weak, pretentious leadership. If your actions inspire others to dream more, to quote from John Quincy Adams, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. But could we see these qualities in our politicians running for different positions in our government?


  1. The political leadership of a country sets the mood and sense of well being of a nation. It shapes the investment climate.It sets the tone of the nation’s pride in it self.It determines the international standing of a country.

    1. Thank you for dropping by and for your very intelligent comment on leadership as well.


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