Why video games can do more harm than good for your kids?

The people who will say that video games could not do harm to their children is to indeed admit, in a surreal way, that they are because video games can actually be bad for your kids. Addictive computer or video games can harm your children’s mental development. Of course, there are a few positive effects of playing video games but the damage they may have caused, to some degree, could be most alarming. Video game playing, I mean excessive video game playing to be exact, socially isolate your kids. Not only that, once your kid gets addicted to it, the impact out of such an obsession could affect their thought span, academic skills, and perception of the real world. In other words, it will confuse reality and fantasy.

In an article of The Telegraph dated 14 October 2011, Science Correspondent Nick Collins quoted about what Baroness Greenfield, the former director of the Royal Institution, have explained about how computer or video games can literally “blow the mind” by temporarily or permanently deactivating certain nerve connections in the brain.

Video games can only make your kids do what the game lets them do which is to limit the brain’s ability to learn something new by getting stuck in that same sphere of activity compared when they are in the outside real world playing, interacting, and enjoying where they can do what they want to do and because, unlike in video games, their actions and thoughts are not limited there’s a great potential for learning new and different things all at once. In a study conducted by the Minneapolis-based National Institute for Media and Family, have found out that, aside from the fact that video games could be addictive for kids, the kids’ addiction to these video games could increase their depression and anxiety levels.  Health problems such as obesity, video-induced seizures, and postural, muscular, and skeletal disorders could result from too much playing of video games over a long period of time.

I’m not totally against video games. What I’m trying to suggest is, for the parents who have kids that play video games, for them to monitor what video games their children are playing and to set time limits. Discipline your kids whenever necessary and make sure to make them understand why you are doing that so but in the right manner; kids who are aggressive or spoiled are simply just a product of poor or dysfunctional parenting. Encourage or convince your kids to try doing other things like interacting with other kids, playing sports, and many more. The natural world is, still and always, the best way to learn something from for the best.


  1. Your article is very interesting, but I really think that playing video games is first of all a matter of discipline. Certain rules have to be respected such as content and duration of the game. After all a video games can also be a good family bonding.

    1. Thank you for your comments. You have a point.


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