Sinulog 2013 falls on the 20th of January

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES -- A little over a week from now, Cebu’s grandest of festivals called the “Sinulog” will once again take center stage attracting huge crowds of people from all walks of life from both the tourists and locals alike. Some of these tourists have been regular visitors to the country already making Cebu their point of destination. While the local excursionists, on the other hand, will be making it here for many different reasons. Some will just come to witness or experience, out of curiosity, what a grandiose display of what is considered as one of the grandest of Philippine festivals will be like and all about. Others will have to be here to collect souvenirs as well as to take pictures of the said event and to simply enjoy. But most, a lot will come as devout Catholics who will be making it like a pilgrimage each year. For these so called “pilgrims”, to be able to attend in the festivity and offered prayers and flowers to the baby Jesus locally called as the “Santo Nino” could give them a new vigor, a new source of hope, and more blessings. Whatever the reasons for their coming, one thing is certain though: it is to celebrate the socio-cultural significance as well as the religious connection of the said event.

The influx of tourists to witness the Sinulog festival could help boost the local economy of Cebu. Most of the hotels will be fully booked several days or even a few weeks before the said festival. Souvenir shops selling Sinulog souvenir items and memorabilias will become instant hits. Cebu’s famous restaurants will be fielding their bests (I suggest you must eat and drink with moderation though). Not only will the metropolitan Cebu be exposed and re-discovered but as well the countryside. Beautiful sceneries from the nearby provinces will complete the package.

More interesting aside from that are the people. Filipinos are known to be hospitable. But the Cebuanos (a term referred to the inhabitants of Cebu), aside from being hospitable, are most approachable. They are a people known, too, for their very deep Catholic faith. Sinulog festival mirrors the soul of every Cebuano, their rich culture, and faith in God.


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