I found myself wanting a drink: A San Mig coffee experience

Talking about coffee is to make sense of what you’re talking about. This most consumed of beverages, known for its energizing effect on humans, believed to have been first discovered in Ethiopia is why I love talking about wanting a drink and feel that warm liquid to go down my throat. I’m a coffee drinker and San Mig coffee, through the cup, tastes better among the best. Yes, I was convinced that this had to be the case: San Mig coffee just tastes a lot better.

My hands shook as I pressed on the keyboards to write something. What would I think of next? I found myself wanting a drink. A hot San Mig coffee by the cup: chococino, white, brown, 3 in 1, or super. The warm liquid went down into my throat. Yes, I found myself wanting a drink, and finally this poem I’ve written:

I sometimes wonder
how your infectious smile
unlocked the unstable

Growth of a glowing sun
that bursts from within
your private face,

Sending dark secrets
toward a stare
that feeds the senses.

There you fully surfaced, melting,
inside me all time:
The longing between

Pouring the cream in your coffee
and to get to know
the shape of a new word

The quieting emerged.
The depth that moves
to flee or chase   

Speed, for whatever reason,
to swift the moment.
Yet there I found it in your face

At every pouring of a cream into a cup
that unlocks language.
We linked smiles.


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