Turning your passion for writing into profits

Have you ever tried to consider a writing career? Or perhaps you're just one of those who make writing just a passion and not a profession or income-generating instead? To those who can write (I mean like one who has a great potential and deep love for writing), turning what is just your passion or hobby into profits would be not only exciting, but most promising as well. First you have to gauge which writing fields you would best fit up with and learn to make some adjustments whenever necessary. As long as you can adjust and becomes a versatile one in the process, writing for profits would be just as easy as a walk in the park. The most important thing to consider though is for you to express clearly of your thoughts and ideas through the written words. The following are just some of the tips, based on my own experience, on how you can generate income from what is just your passion or hobby:

1. Be an active contributor. You have to find or search for publications that accept submissions in the fields of poetry, fiction, or essay. It is also one way, for budding writers out there, to get the exposure that they need for their works. Some publications do have writing contests as well, so why not try your luck in there.

2. Be a ghost writer. It is to write like for example, a book, in behalf of someone who can't afford to write for some reasons. Ghost writers are always for hire and they get paid for their labor and talent. In ghost writing, you won't be able to own your works but the copyrights will be reserved for the person or institution that you are serving for.

3. Be a content writer. This is the same as ghost writing although it focused more on internet marketing as well as in providing contents of a certain product or service of a particular website and usually to include SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. A content writer usually receives $10 to $15 per 400 to 500-word high quality article or $250 to $300 per project or higher.

4. Become a blogger or online publisher. Whether you own a domain or not, the success of one's website depends on the expertise and ingenuity of the one running it. Of course, you have to populate your site with relevant and high quality contents. Once you get your site established as well as get the traffic needed to attract advertisers, then that's just the beginning. Imagine your own self earning big bucks on advertisements even while you're away on a vacation. It requires some great skills, a lot of patience, and tons of hard work before reaching that status though.

5. Write your own book. While this one requires a lot of your time and, to some degree, money, that’s one best way to earn something on what you’ve had worked hard for. Once you’re done writing your very first novel, or perhaps a collection of your poetry compiled for a book, you need to find publishers who will be interested in your works. Your success as an author depends on the promotional method being applied to make your book reach the necessary income gained from sales. You can also self-publish your book via online. Lulu and Amazon are just two of the many websites that cater online self-publishing service to authors.


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