2013: A new hope to deal with

The year 2012 has just ended; 2013 is here to take the place. Will this year be one that’s better than the last? 2012 has left us with both the many sad and happy memories to reminisce about. But I would like to think, though, that every New Year is always better than the last. Of course, we have to make it better by doing what it takes to make it better. Horrible things may happen to people everywhere and the living is not always easy, but these are what made life a very wonderful experience. We have to accept and appreciate for whatever life has in store for us. 

No matter how this year will have to unfold, it sure has to be a new source of hope that we can deal with at. Another chance for all of us to make things right for what we’ve had failed to do in the previous year. There’s always got to be a next time and 2013 will have to be our “another try”.

2012 has brought me good things fairly well. Topping the list was the birth of my firstborn son Nathaniel Harris in August. For the first time in my life I felt about the joy of fatherhood and it has enriched my life all the more. But some of these could as well be found in the little things in our everyday life. Yes, the little things that means a lot.

So what about you? I’m sure there are also lots of wonderful things coming your way in 2012 which I hope to double in 2013. I’m not saying it would be problem-free or a trouble-proof one, but that’s going to be just right for you to make the best out of it. To all of those who think they can make this year a better one for each of them and for the world, you own this year! Happy New Year!


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