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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Journey of Life finds two fighters squaring off again inside the ring for the fourth time already

The whole boxing world will once again witness a rivalry and a war that has something to do about proving who is the real winner between two of the sport's fearless warriors come December 8, 2012 (December 9th Manila time). All three previous encounter is a battle, and although Marquez kissed the canvas four times, he managed to make it as close to winning. Or at least in his own mind, he won. But that is to be proven once more for the fourth time and once and for all to put an exclamation point to such an epic. Boxing is a vintage sport that is brutal, yet if we dig deeper into knowing each of the fighter's life story we would be attracted about the journey of life that these fighters are trekking. Manny Pacquiao's rags-to-riches story is a source of inspiration, and one that has given boxing a good name.

Pacquiao's childhood, entangled with poverty and the hard life, may have been his best training ground and the springboard for anything to fit into the mold of what he must become as he emerged, from out of that sphere of influence and activity, the fearless pugilist pounding ruthlessly at anyone he will be facing off inside the squared circle. A fighter's past he may have carried it with him inside the ring to furiously unleash the kind of torture he may have once gone through. But despite such savagery he may have been a part of, his human side would still make him truly good at heart. That's what makes boxing the kind of sport we would rather hate, but end up loving it still.

The Mexican in Juan Manuel Marquez is a relentless warrior who will be there to put up a good fight. He is one of the sport's best counter-punchers and he has a heart as big as you can imagine. He fights like a lion and knows where to throw those punches where they mattered most. He will always be there to give Pacquiao a problem and his never-say-die mentality has been proven many times over to be a big factor thanks to his Aztec side a warrior he, truly, is.

These two fighters will be giving their all come fight time. It will be the fight each of them wanted most to prove that the one is superior to the other. It will be classic, as all three wars they have fought with each other already have been. These two fighters are on a pilgrimage, searching for the answers, and when the bell rings, they will once again find themselves trapped in the journey of life they've been trekking.


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