Experience Philippines: 6 reasons why you must visit the country at least once in your lifetime

You may have heard a lot about the Philippines (both the negative and positive things being said about it) but you will certainly never know what it's really like until you come and experience it all yourself. Of course, there are other places or countries which are as beautiful and as worth visiting to as the Philippines but one can not discount the fact that in the Philippines it's totally a whole lot more different and unique at the same time experience you will find. The people, places, culture, weather, and food all combined to form a package for anyone desiring to have a slice of it. I'm not saying it's all going to be perfect but perfection here should be conceived as something that the negative combines well with the positive so as to make it just a part of the whole picture. For my fellow Filipinos, take time to explore the countryside with all its wonders and beauty to behold and don't become a stranger in your own land. The following are 6 reasons why you must experience Philippines at least once in your lifetime:

  • The Philippines is home to the world's happiest of people. No matter what life may have to offer the Filipino people, in general, they will always be contented and happy for what they have. And while poverty may have been a part of the majority of the Filipino people's lives, they are most hopeful and can only afford to look and see at the bright side of life though. For most of them, all of these negative things are what making life a very wonderful experience.
  • The Philippines is an island paradise. Actually, the Philippines is composed of as many as 7,100 islands. So once you're here, you will have the freedom to island-hop from one paradise to another.
  • The Philippines as the melting pot between the East and West. The Filipino culture is the world's most unique. Being the mixture between Asian, American, European, and Latin, a typical Filipino today is one who looks Asian, speaks English in an American accent, has a Spanish-sounding name, and a Latin temperament.
  • Filipino hospitality is unmatched anywhere in the world. While some cultures may have also been known for their hospitality, Filipino hospitality is a cut above the rest. It has become a part of Filipino culture to see to it that, aside from treating well and the warmest welcome, being the host, the visitors should feel at home.
  • The Philippines is home to some of the world's most exotic foods. Filipino foods are among the world's bests. But have you tried their exotic foods as well? Many Filipinos thought that eating a "balut" (duck's embryo) could boost performance and give them extra energy in bed. This aphrodisiac has been eaten by Filipinos for many generations now. There are many other exotic foods that the Filipino people love to eat.
  • The Philippines is home to as many fiestas there are to celebrate about. In the Philippines, a party could mean fiesta. But what makes a Philippine fiesta much more alive and unique is because of its religious and cultural connections.

I have only given you six reasons why you must experience Philippines at least once in your lifetime. There are still lots of reasons why you must find time being here than anywhere else, but that is for you to find out for. Welcome to paradise!


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