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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Journey of Life finds two fighters squaring off again inside the ring for the fourth time already

The whole boxing world will once again witness a rivalry and a war that has something to do about proving who is the real winner between two of the sport's fearless warriors come December 8, 2012 (December 9th Manila time). All three previous encounter is a battle, and although Marquez kissed the canvas four times, he managed to make it as close to winning. Or at least in his own mind, he won. But that is to be proven once more for the fourth time and once and for all to put an exclamation point to such an epic. Boxing is a vintage sport that is brutal, yet if we dig deeper into knowing each of the fighter's life story we would be attracted about the journey of life that these fighters are trekking. Manny Pacquiao's rags-to-riches story is a source of inspiration, and one that has given boxing a good name.

Pacquiao's childhood, entangled with poverty and the hard life, may have been his best training ground and the springboard for anything to fit into the mold of what he must become as he emerged, from out of that sphere of influence and activity, the fearless pugilist pounding ruthlessly at anyone he will be facing off inside the squared circle. A fighter's past he may have carried it with him inside the ring to furiously unleash the kind of torture he may have once gone through. But despite such savagery he may have been a part of, his human side would still make him truly good at heart. That's what makes boxing the kind of sport we would rather hate, but end up loving it still.

The Mexican in Juan Manuel Marquez is a relentless warrior who will be there to put up a good fight. He is one of the sport's best counter-punchers and he has a heart as big as you can imagine. He fights like a lion and knows where to throw those punches where they mattered most. He will always be there to give Pacquiao a problem and his never-say-die mentality has been proven many times over to be a big factor thanks to his Aztec side a warrior he, truly, is.

These two fighters will be giving their all come fight time. It will be the fight each of them wanted most to prove that the one is superior to the other. It will be classic, as all three wars they have fought with each other already have been. These two fighters are on a pilgrimage, searching for the answers, and when the bell rings, they will once again find themselves trapped in the journey of life they've been trekking.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Islands of Paradise: Supporting the Philippine government's program to preserve, maintain, and protect the environment, natural resources and wildlife habitat

While the Philippine archipelago is sometimes called as the "Islands of Paradise", there's a great responsibility that must be handled by the Philippine government and the constituents thereof in maintaining, preserving, and taking good care of what could be considered as nature's best of gifts. These paradisiacal places, however, though we may think these are but for us to see and enjoy in our time, are something we actually owe a lot to the future generations. Nature is, in fact, life and anyone who destroys it commits a crime.

The Philippine government has long ago addressed the fact about the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology being set in the 1987 Constitution, Section 16 of Article II of which declared as follows: "The State shall protect and advance the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature." The issue concerning climate change has also been addressed in the year 1991 by which the Philippines came up with a sustainable development program called Philippine Strategy for Sustainable Development. The Philippine Network on Climate Change collaborates with other government agencies in a convention that creates the Inter-Agency Committee on Climate Change (IACCC). It was  led by the Environmental Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). The said Committee aims to harness and synergize what many measures undertaken by the national government and civil society to address climate change and the negative impact it has be dealt with to. These are but just some of the many things the Philippine government has been doing to address environmental issues as well as environmental protection and preservation.

To protect and preserve the environment is everybody's concern as we all live in the same planet. The future generations need to see and experience the Islands of Paradise, among many other beautiful things of nature. The Philippine government is doing everything for the right moves, and for the right reasons, to as much as possible protect, preserve, and maintain the beauty of nature. Let us, therefore, support and do our share by being just simply responsible and self-disciplined.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Experience Philippines: 6 reasons why you must visit the country at least once in your lifetime

You may have heard a lot about the Philippines (both the negative and positive things being said about it) but you will certainly never know what it's really like until you come and experience it all yourself. Of course, there are other places or countries which are as beautiful and as worth visiting to as the Philippines but one can not discount the fact that in the Philippines it's totally a whole lot more different and unique at the same time experience you will find. The people, places, culture, weather, and food all combined to form a package for anyone desiring to have a slice of it. I'm not saying it's all going to be perfect but perfection here should be conceived as something that the negative combines well with the positive so as to make it just a part of the whole picture. For my fellow Filipinos, take time to explore the countryside with all its wonders and beauty to behold and don't become a stranger in your own land. The following are 6 reasons why you must experience Philippines at least once in your lifetime:

  • The Philippines is home to the world's happiest of people. No matter what life may have to offer the Filipino people, in general, they will always be contented and happy for what they have. And while poverty may have been a part of the majority of the Filipino people's lives, they are most hopeful and can only afford to look and see at the bright side of life though. For most of them, all of these negative things are what making life a very wonderful experience.
  • The Philippines is an island paradise. Actually, the Philippines is composed of as many as 7,100 islands. So once you're here, you will have the freedom to island-hop from one paradise to another.
  • The Philippines as the melting pot between the East and West. The Filipino culture is the world's most unique. Being the mixture between Asian, American, European, and Latin, a typical Filipino today is one who looks Asian, speaks English in an American accent, has a Spanish-sounding name, and a Latin temperament.
  • Filipino hospitality is unmatched anywhere in the world. While some cultures may have also been known for their hospitality, Filipino hospitality is a cut above the rest. It has become a part of Filipino culture to see to it that, aside from treating well and the warmest welcome, being the host, the visitors should feel at home.
  • The Philippines is home to some of the world's most exotic foods. Filipino foods are among the world's bests. But have you tried their exotic foods as well? Many Filipinos thought that eating a "balut" (duck's embryo) could boost performance and give them extra energy in bed. This aphrodisiac has been eaten by Filipinos for many generations now. There are many other exotic foods that the Filipino people love to eat.
  • The Philippines is home to as many fiestas there are to celebrate about. In the Philippines, a party could mean fiesta. But what makes a Philippine fiesta much more alive and unique is because of its religious and cultural connections.

I have only given you six reasons why you must experience Philippines at least once in your lifetime. There are still lots of reasons why you must find time being here than anywhere else, but that is for you to find out for. Welcome to paradise!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 1-4, 2012: Hometown vacation

During a three-day vacation to a hometown I haven’t paid a visit for the last two years, I was driven to a feeling of mixed emotions seeing the place I grew up in and where I was also born.

The place hasn’t changed much except for the few infrastructure projects (some of them were still unfinished) somehow serving as a stark contrast to the rustic scenery a typical Philippine province usually portray. I felt like I was a kid again as I made the effort to try to tread on the grasses barefoot (the same thing I was doing when I was a kid), sensing that tingling feeling that usually made my soul becomes elated.

It was a reunion with my past that is always present and where my future will also be. I met my parents in the same old house where I was once staying and, together with my wife and two-month-old son I have brought home with me, relatives, friends, my brother, and my sister, we savor every moment to make some bonding as intact as ever.

I had this feeling of clinging to everything to make everything stay. But the grind must go on and time waits for nobody. But as the poet as I can be, I wish to capture every tick of a second with a poem I wrote that should best explain it all:

Late 80s

Time moves in one direction, memory in another.
--William Gibson

 Traversing the expanses that divide us
I have waited long enough on the length
Of what is to be seen across
Like it was wrong to avoid, and
Reason, and worry, grinned.
What lingers on and winds away I don’t care again
To bother with a knowing look:
Things will never change, changes,
Leaning into what keeps them
Completely lost to time
Forgetting what you can still remember
And remembering what you deeply forgot.
But rather than guessing, I’m begging you not to try
And it has just began, you can always stay
And wonder if you knew.

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