The quest for a good leader: Can the Philippines find someone who can finally lead its people to victory?

Amid the economic crisis the Philippines has gone through, corruption of those who have significant positions in the government, political war waged by those traditional politicians or also known as the "TRAPOs" throwing shits on and persecuting each other, the decades-old insurgency which has now become the world's longest, poverty, calamities, and other things that can only add more clouds to the scene than what is but a promising vista everyone would be desiring to look at, the question that would immediately register in your mind you would like to ask yourself or anyone else is: "Can the Philippines find someone who can finally lead its people to victory, prosperity, and freedom?" With the national election only a year to go, the Filipino people would once again cast their votes hoping that the people they have helped put into positions would be competent enough to lead and run a nation for good. Running a nation is never an easy task. It requires that a leader should be wise and intelligent, courageous, patient, compassionate, and knows what's best for the country he is serving, among other traits. A good leader is a good follower and one that leads a life of service.

The Philippines can't have such a kind of leader if the majority of its people allow the incompetent ones, recycled, and the crooked and sanamagans to rule over them. In a democratic country such as the Philippines, it is the people who will decide for what's best for them. But unless the majority of the Filipinos learn to choose for the right leaders and support them, the Philippines, as a country, remains where it has been for a long time. Great nations are products of great leaders and great leaders are made by the people, not born.

In these trying times of our nation's history, a good and effective leader is a necessity. He must build up a strong military to back up the growing economy. He must abolish partisan politics and create a centralized common party instead by which the people freely choose for who will govern them. He must acknowledge and tolerates religious beliefs or affiliations his citizens might be exercising. He must bring justice to whom it is due. He must be humble, knows how to bow down when needed, and above all, one who is a dealer of hope.


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