The needs for a lasting relationship

Human beings are meant for two, a partnership by which love and compassion spring out and let each other become the best version of his or her own self. Everyone has his or her own personal needs but the need to fight for a lasting relationship seems like, sometimes, somewhat hard to attain. Could a lasting relationship really that hard to find? What does it take to make a relationship lasts?

In spite of what others say about relationships, the good news is not all of them fail. There are relationships that last and that is what we have to find out for. It has been said that love is not just about feelings, but of ability as well. A healthy relationship does not just grow as it is without someone nurturing it. It has to be handled with caring hands and one that truly knows what to do with all of it.

If you’re wondering why your own, or someone else’s relationship doesn’t work, then I think it’s about time to try to look closely at it and figure out what it is that you think should work from what’s not. Relationships are always worth restoring, so don’t wait till someone or something else snatch it from you to break it up. The following are just some of the few things to consider on finding someone to become a partner for life and to maintain and keep that relationship healthy:

*It all starts in the choosing of a partner. While it’s true that you can’t teach what or who your heart would love to and that people might change, choosing a good partner from the very start is one factor to indicate what kind of relationship you might be having in the future. If you choose an irresponsible person who is also a womanizer, then you can expect him to do just the same even when the two of you are in a relationship already. If you would like your relationship to be more promising, choose someone whom you think can make you happy and would do exactly the things that you want and like.

*Know your differences. Just because some people have different beliefs and attributes doesn’t mean they can’t live together in harmony. It’s all about honoring each other’s differences and showing each other respect should be the things that unites, not divide.

*Sex should not be confused with love. Sex and love are two different things although they may closely relate well with each other. Sex can be good in a relationship but it’s not all there is. Love is much, much more important than just the plain pleasure one can get from what someone can do better in bed. Remember, a relationship that is based plainly on the physical aspect couldn’t last long. Love relates to the whole person, sex is only a brief, temporary expression of that love.

*Iron things out with an understanding heart. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. Problems could arise and the troubles along the way are heading towards your direction and all you wanted to do is an easy way out. Don’t give up too easily. Troubles are there to make your relationship stronger. If you give up too easily, chances are you might still encounter the same troubles for whatever relationships you might be entering again in the future. So stay cool, iron things out with an understanding heart.

*Learn to communicate all the time. Communication is very important in any a relationship. It is one way to open out to your partner everything worth sharing for and to maintain that sense of closeness each one of you deserve to have.

*And last but not the least, try to look good always. It is one way to attract your partner all the more. Offer yourself good grooming for your partner to see and he or she will love you more for it.


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