Patriotism, a walk in the park, and Chinese arrogance

With the communist China's flexing of her military muscle to intimidate neighboring countries by which she had territorial disputes with (most particularly in the East and South China Seas area), we would be witnessing a new form of Hitlerism to flourish in this part of the globe. Red China has become more assertive than ever citing history to be her legal grounds in claiming the entire South China Sea and some parts of the East China Sea as well, which is absurd! It would be like, for example, Italy to cite history to claim back all the nations belonging to the Roman empire of old or for India to own the whole of the Indian Ocean because it bears her name. This new form of Hitlerism in the East is what I would love calling by its other title: "Chinese arrogance".

But unlike Hitler's Nazi Germany known for her blitzkrieg, China uses the Art of War techniques she has acquired and learned from Sun Tzu. Deception is the name of the game for the Chinese. It wouldn't come as a surprise, for anyone who reads Sun Tzu, for a Chinese leader to say "peace" while the action contradicts. Still, territorial disputes from among all nations could be best resolved through diplomatic means. But with China now trying to adapt what was her own version of the United States' "big stick" diplomacy, smaller nations such as the Philippines would be bullied to submission.

Never shall the Philippines give up her sovereignty that easy without a fight. China must be repulsed. Filipinos are known warriors and that warrior spirit lurks in the blood running through their veins waiting to be disturbed. While military might is a big factor in war, courage is everything. Patriotism, to quote from Charles de Gaulle, is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for other people than your own comes first. If China is not amnesiac, she must remember it only took a small force of Mongolians to put her down on her knees in the 13th century. The message is clear: China would be grabbing what she thinks she can benefit from you to support her growing needs. In other words, she’s doing what she likes to do because of greed.

China’s arrogance will one day bring her down to her knees (again). And when that happens, a walk in the park to greet everyone she meets along the way is a much better option than trying to play the troublemaker. We’re all but citizens of this world, after all. We need to respect each other.


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